(live action) animal movie about dog owner with beach food stand

Hi. I have been trying to find this movie for awhile and I thought i would come here for a better chance. A couple years ago I saw this movie it was on a tv channel for family movies and I decided to watch it. These were the only things I can remember from it. The movie was mostly from the dogs view talking as it moved around. The dogs owner had a food stand at a beach. The stand was threatened to be shut down due to bills or something (cant remember) I also remember a hamster which i think belonged to the dog owners date or something like that. The dog would talk to it. I also remember the company that threatened to shut down the food stand’s CEO was some evil man that had an evil talking sphynx cat. I dont know if this is enough info or not, but somebody please help because i cant stop thinking about it. (also i cant check the TV channel i watched it on because it deletes movies off its ON DEMAND feature after a couple months) I think it was Nickelodeon but again, Im not sure. Thanks.

Glad that was it. I had an imdb site restricted google search and used ‘dog hamster talk movie’ then looked through some pictures for something that wasn’t cats and dogs.

rescue dogs

YES!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can finally rest easy.

How did you find it? Thanks so much anyway.