Lonely boy plays with a corpse hand stuck in ice - cartoon

This is a long shot.

It was a funny short flash animation, from the early 2000, about a sad and lonely boy in winter time, who finds a frozen dead hand standing in the ice.

The boy plays with the frozen hand for days like it was his friend, throwing ball at it and what not.

In the end, the ice breaks and the corpse comes back to life, looking like a dead homeless man, he suddenly kidnaps the boy and fly magically into the sky, laughing maniacally.

The animation meant to be weird and funny, mostly weird.

Anyone remember something like that?

It was a very well made animation, drawn by hand, 1-3 minutes long, and I remember in the beginning it said it won some animation contest and rewards.

It was made before YouTube, in the years 2000-2005 I believe.