Looking for a Coming of age tale of music and drugs

In the early days of Netflix as an app there were a lot more low budget movies, they needed crap to fill the app. One movie I watched has stuck with me.
It was about a kid who moved to LA (it could have been another big city but I’m pretty sure it was LA) to become a musician. He meets a girl, makes friends, moves into a party house and has lots of fun.

It would have been made anywhere from 2000-2010ish. I probably watched it around 2010-2012. I can almost guarantee it was on Netflix bc I think it was my only streaming app at the time.

The big pieces of the movie I remember is the cover, I believe it was a red brick wall. And I think there was a theme/motif in the movie of this kid building a wall, I think he was walling himself into his room over the course of the movie? To show his isolation.

The other big scene I remember is him partying at the house and someone gives him a key bump, he assumes it is cocaine but it turns out to be ketamine, and he literally climbs into a hole and has to work his way out. It looks like he climbs into a laundry hamper, like the one pictured below.

Thank you for reading, and any help would be appreciated. Happy hunting

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Wow, this is definitely it! Amazing! How on earth did you find that so fast? I’m impressed

when you said red brick, I remember another poster asked a question years ago and solved it themselves…just took me time to find that post.