Looking for a depressed British hitman movie

Have really hard time finding this one. The year must be between 2005 to 2015. English movie.
The story is about a completely depressed young hitman in a British town, working and controlled by a mad mob chief (satanist ?) who owns the police and basically controls everything.
The hitman falls in love with a young women who has a child, and it’s
the first time in his life he sees a bit of hope in his life… tries to quit, but can’t because he is under complete psychological control of the mob chief.
There are scenes where the hitman obsessively clean his kitchen.
In the end he kills the young woman and her child, and himself (falls off a cliff) cause he is convinced it’s the only way out.

…yeah… super funny film :smiley: But sure would like to find what was the tittle.

Not sure but try Kill List?

Thanks, but it’s not that one…
Kill List is quite good.

mr in-between

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YES ! Thank you very much :smile: