Looking for a film about a psychiatrist and a female patient, unpopular TV movie

My familiar looking for a film (either cinematic/TV/direct-to-video) with the following description for a decade now:
– genre: thriller (NOT horror and there isn’t anything supernatural in it)
– I have seen it in 2007 or before (certainly not later, most likely 2004-2006), so some of my descripton might not be perfect
– the TV station that was showing it usually has Lifetime of Hallmark made-for-TV titles at that time (early afternoon) nowadays, so the same thing was maybe true 15-20 years ago, when this film was shown
– the psychiatrist tries either to make a woman confess some crime or to put her in a mental hospital
– he actually succeds in puting her into the hospital. I think (actually mostly certain) she was put into straightjacket or tied to a hospital bed in one scene, or was at least heavily sedated
– I THINK the psychiatrist also tried to turn the woman against her husband (it is possible she was in some way romanticly involved with the psychiatrist). It is also possible that the psychiatrist was some kind of abusive husband and the other guy her lover/good friend. In any case, there were two male characters connected with the woman (the psychiatrist and the other guy)
– also, I am quite sure the other guy kills the psychiatrist or puts him in a mental hospital at the end
– I am not sure about the year of release or the country. However, as I have seen it in mid-2000s, and it looked relatively new back then, my guess would be 1990-2005, and I am almost certain that it was in English

Some people suggested “Final Analysis” (1992). I have seen that film and it is 100% NOT the one in question. Same with “Gothika”.

I haven’t seen it in years so it may be wrong but I recall Whispers in the dark about a twisted plot and the people helping the female psychiatrist were working against her. There was male psychiatrist involved too. I recall a lot of manipulation.