Looking for a horror-ish movie

I saw it probably in late 90’s early 2000’s. It seemed to be 80’s or 90’s made from what I recall. It had a similar premise as Believers where the family was part of a cult and something about sacrificing I think a boy, but it wasn’t that. The family was white, there was a demonic cult of some sort and I feel like it could be one parent and grandparents involved and there was a boy they were after to I think sacrifice if I recall correctly. It’s been a minute. I believe it was on one of the cable movie channels back then and I think it is US film but could be British too but I’m leaning more US. I do remember a large house or castle on a cliff with water/ocean and a scene with the boy in the car at night with someone trying to help him escape. I vaguely remember some kind of ritual being preformed in the house/castle. I haven’t been able to remember the name in a long time. Any help would be great!

Maybe Hack-O-Lantern (Video 1988) - IMDb ?