Looking for a movie about 2 kids that like each other

I’m searching for a film with sequels, i’m not sure how many sequels but probably 3 or more they start to grow up every film that comes out until they become teens.

The first film: The film is set in the outskirts of a little town, there is one of the main characters that is a male he is a sort of free spirit, he like to play outside and play with the boys, then there’s the other main characher and she is a quiter girl but they dont have too much in common. (i think they know each other because they live close or go to school together but i cant really tell how they met because i dont remeber the entire film but some parts).
So the 2 characters start to hang with each other, one day they were with the group of the male main character and they have a some sort of problem with some thugs, eventually they settle every thing down teaching at the thugs a lesson (and this was the first film if im correct, obviously in the first film that i described the main charcters start to have feelings for each others)

The second and third film: i don’t remeber much, i can only remember one scene when they make a plan with the entire group of friends to enter a prison without being discovered because they have to do something inside it but i dont remeber what precisely.

Please help i tried to search it for a long time without success

any chance it is the “buttercream gang”?

they had at least 1 sequel…

unfortunate its not the The ButterCream Gang ;C

any of the enid blyton movies or tv?

I don’t see the comment listed, but could it be the enid blyton one? it was a series of films too…