Looking for a movie about a magical VHS Player!

I haven’t been able to find this film I watched many years ago as a kid! It’s about this boy who goes to a kind of “Friday Market” and there’s this weird guy wearing a round hat who sells him moonstones and a VHS player with a VHS inside! Turns out the VHS player is a magical one and it can rewind and go forward in time in the real world! It also reveals stuff to the boy as he watches the VHS, as far as I remember! Like I said I watched it as a kid and I don’t remember specific details but the guy who sold him the VHS was apparently an alien! I remember a scene where there’s this UFO on top of the boy’s house… Please help me find this movie! It would be so cool to watch it again after all these years!

was it in english? what year did you see it? anything else come to mind?