Looking for a movie from childhood

Hi all im looking for a movie maybe a tv show but it was lengthy so i think it was a movie. i saw it on TV as a teen this would have been before 2006.movie was before cell phones if i remember corectly or at least before they were in wide use. Movie was in english. Movie is about a teen boy wanting to win over the girl of his dreams who has just invited him over to reward him for helping her with some sort of school achievement. He asks his dad to barrow the car before he leaves and his dad tosses him the keys. In his attempt to cath them he falls and hits his head. He gets up and runs out the door and takes this red sports car over to her house. Dont remeber the car but i know it was like an 80s or 90s model looking car. When he gets there he fumbles all over the place i think breaks something that turns into a conversation about her grandma and how shes not doing good. A little while later not sure how long she encourages him to go into a bed room where he encounters a prostitute who was hired by the girl as a reward for him. He turns down the prostitute and goes to leave where she stops him and they sit down on the stairs where he confesses his feelings for her. I dont remember exactly what happens next. But i remeber at some point he reawakens and its right before he catches the keys his dad tosses him and this time he doesnt fall and hit his head. He heads over and instead of bumbling arround he is actually insitefull and asks about her grandma before she mentions her and she says something about how did he know. Im not sure how the movie ends thats all i can remeber and his confession might be after he re awakens.


i think the movie is girl next door?

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