Looking for a movie i havent seen in a while about 2 ex dea agents driving around in a van killing drug dealers

Hello Filmfind iam looking for a movie i watched a few years ago i will try to explain the handling and what happens. The movie is about 2 serial killers driving around in a van changing the vans apperance to keep up with police chasing them mainly 1 police or what i remember was a police officer or mayby a vigilante looking for them, The serial killers only kills bad people old drug dealers,drugdealers etc because the 2 is old DEA agents which is later revealed in the movie, the opening scene you can see an old drug dealer whos wife is kidnapped by the 2 in the van he pays them off to get the wife back ( i think ) he goes toward his car where the 2 serial killers tell him his wife is in the trunk he find packages that resembles cocaine bricks he opens 1 of them and blood starts to drip out, its the wife of him in all theese packages.

Sorry for my bad english i hope someone knows the title of the film is a really good thriller i wanted to see for a while

Not a perfect match, and probably not the movie you are looking for, but I throw it in, you can never know, there are some similarities, maybe
“A Walk Among the Tombstones” (2014)?

oh wow liam is in it cant believe ive missed that was a while ago i saw it also when i looked for it on google this came up but i never watched the trailer since he was in and i would remember that xD thank you so much :smiley: ! casspir