Looking for a movie similar to wicker park

I watched this movie years ago. I remember it being similar to Wicker Park

These are the details I remember.

Man is seeing woman. The woman disappears I think.
Later on he is sent “clues” from someone unknown.
I remember one being a website link that had a webcam that showed a street. He was to view this at a certain time. I think at that certain time someone appeared wearing a hoodie but you never see the face. Another time. He was suppose to meet up at a certain place but she never shows. Come to find out her dad had sent her away because men were looking for her so that’s how she disappeared.

Another thing that I just remembered is that when they were suppose to meet at this certain place.
she was there “watching” but seen a van pull up so she decided not to meet him. The people in the van were looking for her.

I want to say I watched this movie between 2008-2009.

Was it in english? any accents? did it seem indie or feature film? nudity?

It was English. No accents or nudity that I can recall.
I am not sure if it was indie or feature.

tell no one

you may have seen it with english dub

Try this list: