Looking for a movie that was about a mansion with rooms that led to different dimensions. I think was made before 2000s (Fantasy/Adventure)

I moved around a bit when I was younger, but I recall watching this movie on TV with my mother. I think I was younger than 10 placing the time before 2000s.

Here are the details I can remember.

I think a young man inherits a mansion from a relative passing away. He shows up with a group of friends to check it out. I think there were at least 2-3 guys. He might have been driving a red corvette or gotten it with the mansion. I think there was a fancy car at some point.

I think there was a butler that receives them into the mansion. He was nondescript or not really present, but a few times.

As they explore the mansion, they go into a room and it takes them elsewhere. I recall some of the places they went to were a dark forest with dinosaurs(?) in it.

Another room they find some cultists ready to sacrifice a girl. They save the girl and end up taking her with them.

I think they come out of one of the rooms in the movie and find a party has started at the mansion. Maybe the boy who inherited it set it up.

At the end of the movie they end up going in one of the doors that leads to a western theme and decide to stay there. I cannot remember why, but I think they got into trouble in the real world falsely for murder or something so they decided to just live in the western dimension.

House II: The Second Story?

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