Looking for a post apocalyptic film

A film I recall has a man living in what seems to be an ideal world, but he keeps having dreams about a warehouse with brown cardboard boxes - I think one is wrapped as if for his birthday. He visits his parents for Sunday lunches. He meets a woman in a library where she talks about reality. He starts exploring his life but then is back to this wonderful life. However the dream keeps returning and he meets the woman again except at first she cannot remember him. He gets promoted in a corporation to the executive level but he finds it is all a front and everything is actually a false reality. He meets the woman again but at first she has no recollection of him until he reminds her of what she said to him in the library. In a warehouse the two stumble across a control cubicle - I thought Ernest Bourgnine played this character but I cannot find anything on his filmography list. The couple destroy the cubicle, controller and warehouse, and discover that the world is made up of brown boxes with barcodes describing what the box is supposed to be. However despite destroying the “reality adjustor” people still want to believe that the box is a TV etc. They are all living in their own false reality. His Father now has a digitally enhanced voice and a false leg (I think) but keeps telling him to get out of the way, some program is on the TV (brown box). His Mother is putting together a meal but it is not real. At the end the couple walk off down the street with mountains in the distance, hoping to find something else out there.

Virtual Nightmare

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