Looking for a zombie/virus movie

The movie starts at i believe a university or hospital with some science/med interns. Theres a party or something going on and a girl (the main female lead) leaves to retrieve something where she is nearly assaulted by a professor or doctor. She gets away from his unwanted advances and returns to the party and shortly after theyre attacked. She escapes but the doctor/prodessor and some of her friends are turned or otherwise killed.

Some years later she is now some sort of doctor at a military base and dating one of the soldiers and the world has been overrun with zombies. They need to make a supply run for medicine but everything nearby has been cleaned out already.

Except the university/hospital the main character started at. So they head there for the medical supplies, main character makes a pit stop in her dorm to pick up some sentimental items like pictures. They get some stuff but are attacked by zombies. One of them is the professor/doctor, who is seemingly more coherent than the others.

The group escapes, but is unknowingly followed by the professor/doctor zombie, who is still obsessed with the main character. After returning to base, the zombie finds a way inside and is captured. Main character notices he still has some sentience to him so petitions the military men to keep him ‘alive’ to try and form a vaccine.

I believe he is able to say her name, which makes people very suspicious. He is very obsessed with her still and gets jealous about her soldier bf. I believe at some point he is able to get the keys to his cuffs (hes chained to a wall) and escapes.

The ending is a bit of a blurr, but I believe the zombie is killed, main character lives and likely makes a vaccine?

Any help would be appreciated, ive been looking for this movie again for months but cant remember the title or where i might have watched it.

Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2017).

Google: movie|film+zombies+doctor+hospital|university+supplies+obsessed+military|soldiers

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