Looking for an obscure existentialist film I saw in the late 70's

I saw a clip on TV of an obscure existentialist film. It was black and white. One older woman who never spoke. It started with her sitting down. The narrator said something to the effect of: “She thinks she hears him” (long pause) “To the window” (she walks to the window and another long pause) “Nothing” ( another long pause and she walks back and sits down.) Thats it. The narration and the action were repeated over and over again, with nothing else happening. I was watching a hockey game with my college roommate. We were in Los Angeles, and I think it was early 1979. We flipped the channel during the intermission and saw this film. Every time we turned back, it was the same thing with the action and narration. We looked for years but could never find the film or its name. It could have been older than the 70s and was probably on some obscure educational channel. It’s definitely the kind of film that would only be shown in a philosophy class.