Looking for an old b-movie

I’m looking for an old b-movie, I’ve seen as a rerun on TV most likely from the 70’s or 80’s. I don’t remember any of the actors, but basically the structure of the story is as follows:

  1. people are partying on a boat
  2. the boat breaks down
  3. most of the passengers leave the boat to look for help
    4 passengers arrive at a place (possibly South American?) where they encounter rebels/terrorists who massacre a bunch of locals and are take hostage
  4. one female passenger gets molested but left for dead after she fights back

Some more details that I can remember:

  1. there’s like a corrupt military man who tries to cut a deal with the rebels/terrorists
  2. the boat captain who’s ex-military leads the rescue, together with the escaped female passenger (I think).

what is the newest year it could be? you are sure it was a party? michael dudikoff had a film where he captained a boat to a jungle and had to save a lady and her scientist companion…

Pretty sure they were having a party. I believe they were supposed to be rich kids/people. So there were more than one who needed rescue. Pretty sure that wasn’t Michael Dudikoff who did the rescuing. No idea who it was though.

I saw it as a rerun quite a long time ago, so I can’t really give a year, probably early to mid-80’s, though I am not really sure.