Looking for an old movie about three kids

I’m looking for a movie that I had watched probably in late 90s. It was a movie for children and I watched it in school common room.
The story was about three kids - siblings (boy and a girl) and another boy who was their friend. They were living in some village. They were playing with each other and everything was fine until one day when two boys were alone together near some slope on the hill and one of them fell down (this one who has the sister). The second boy escaped from the scene and didn’t get any help, didn’t inform anyone about this accident. People from the village had found him the next day and his condition was bad, he was taken to the hospital and it appeared he would never walk again (probably, I don’t remember that good if that was temporary or permanent damage). Everybody in the village blamed the boy for not bringing help on time, especially the sister.
The second boy was trying to make that up and was carving the figures of the animals in wood for the crippled boy. He made beautiful wooden horse but the sister has destroyed all of the figures. Then she escaped and stayed in some church when she had learnt how to forgive.

“Treasures of the Snow” (1980)?

Yes, this is it! Thank you so much :slight_smile: