Looking for Chinese or Japanese - American movie

I am looking for a movie, unfortunately I do not know the title. was played in 2 episodes. I don’t remember if it was Japanese or Chinese. She was young and was about to get married, and an American came, she fell in love with him and became pregnant with him. He left, she ran away not to get married. Because of this, her father disowned her. She hid somewhere and gave birth to a daughter. Later, there is a story of their daughter , who went to America when she grew up looking for this father, I think she had his family ring. She was some herbalist like her grandfather. And in America she opened a potion shop and she met a guy and married him. I also remember that some company competing with her medicine wanted to get rid of them and released some poisonous counterfeit. And when they were in court, her husband had a heart condition and tried take the competition medication and he died.
Does anyone know this movie and title? Please help