Looking for help to identify a movie I watched in the early 2000s

Hi, this might be a long shot because i dont remember much but here goes.
I remember in this movie, the main character was a young woman possibly redheaded or brunette. She moves into a rather big house away from where she previously lived.
Whilst living at the house, every morning when she wakes up there are sugar cookies besides her bed. I seem to think these were shaped like something possibly flowers or butterflies.
I believe towards the end of the film, it ends with the main character in a body of water. Her hair is all spread out in the water and shes wearing some kind of necklace that breaks and all the beads or pearls are in the water around her.

I watched this film when i was quite young so im not sure if itll have still been on tape or if we had started using DVDs by this point.

Ive had this stuck in my head for a while now so would appreciate any help or suggestions.
My mum thought it may have been one of her catherine cookson movies but i had a look and couldnt identify anything familiar.

Hi, this could be totally wrong but that movie sounds a lot like The Secret of Moonacre.
It involves a search for a pearl bead necklace that breaks off in a body of water with the character at the end of the movie