Looking for movie 😥

Hello … I am looking for a movie that I watched about 10 years ago, and unfortunately I did not watch it from the beginning and I do not remember its name

the details (which i remember) :

Most of the film was two people in a car on a semi-desert road, the people in the car expect that if they walk they will have an accident, and they actually walk a distance in the car and have an accident, but the director shows you in a beautiful way that it was just an imagination and that they still did not move, and they start to discuss again and walk (And you, as a viewer, think that they really moved) and you say that this time they actually walked and the accident happened, but it turns out to be just an imagination and so on…

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It’s been a while since I’ve seen it but what you’re describing reminds me of Scenic Route (Scenic Route (2013) - IMDb)