Looking for name of movie about orphan girl 70s/80s

I am looking for the title of a movie about an orphaned girl who becomes the ward of her aunt and uncle who live in a mansion near a lake.
I was quite young when I saw this movie and it had a great impact, but I don’t remember everything.
The girl’s parents died in a car accident and burned to death.
She sees a lady, dressed in her mother’s clothes, walking near the lake, and nearly drowns trying to reach her.
She lies in a big bed during a storm, when suddenly the windows fly open, white curtains swaying, and she tries to hide in the closet. But out falls what looks like a burned corpse, wearing the shoes of her dead father.
It turns out that her aunt and uncle try to get rid of her, because of her inheritance.
Anybody seen this movie?

Could it be a version of “uncle silas”?