Looking for some movies I watched as a kid (thriller/horror)

Hello everybody,
I was wondering if someone could help me identify a couple of films (3 that is) that I watched as a kid on TV sometime during the 90s.

The first one is a thriller involving a cop (or cops) in search of a (serial) killer who is a woman who kills her victims (men) during sex using a razorblade hidden in her mouth. I’m pretty sure that it turns out the killer is actually a man dressed as a woman (transvestite) and he is the main cop’s partner or friend or someone who was close to him all along. That’s pretty much all I remember, I have no idea who stars in it. It’s most likely from the late 80s or early 90s since I watched it sometime during the 90s (early 90s most likely).

The other two are a little harder since I have no idea what the plot is, I only vaguely remember a few scenes. They’re most likely horrors or thrillers.

From the first of the latter two I only remember (I think it’s the ending of the movie) is a man being chased through some forest or something by a giant rabbit or more likely a man dressed in a rabbit suit…

And the last one is probably the hardest… All I remember here is (also the ending I think), when a boy and a girl, probably teenagers, possibly brother and sister are being chased by a woman with a knife trying to kill them. I remember them running through some orange trees…

And that’s about it, those images have stuck with me for some reason and I would sure like to know what films are they and rewatch them if possible.

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Check out Donnie Darko for the guy in a rabbit soon movie…

Here is a “possible” answer for Part 1
Fort Apache, The Bronx (1981)
stars Paul Newman as a jaded NYPD cop looking for a serial killer.
Pam Grier portrays a razor-blade killer.
Good movie.

PS: It is better if you give details for each movie in their own separate thread,
it prevents confusion in the replies.
Good Luck!

Thanks, but that’s definitely not it. I don’t believe it features any major stars such as Newman, it was far more low key. Also, as far as my memory serves I’m pretty sure it was late 80s or more likely early 90s.

Thanks for the advice, I wasn’t sure If i’m allowed to do that, probably will divide them.

Also check Dressed To Kill (1980) for the razor blade killer one!!

For movie 1, it could be Snapdragon, with Pamela Anderson: Snapdragon (film) - Wikipedia

Killing during sex scene around 0:49 on the trailer: Trailer: "Snapdragon" (1993) - YouTube

For movie 2, if it’s not Donnie Darko, then perhaps one of the several low-rated Bunnyman movies?

I know Donnie Darko and Dressed to Kill by heart so that’s not it. It can’t be Bunnyman either, since I watched in the 90s… I watched a youtube episode recently (Goodbadflicks) on Snapdragon, so that’s not it either :frowning: Thanks anyway.

Still on movie 1, perhaps Dressed to Kill, with Michael Caine?

Transvestite with a razor around the 1:04 mark.

Any other details on the bunny? When did you see the movie, was it a bunny suit like in Bunnyman, or more of a stylized costume like Donny Darko?

Sexy Beast features a scary bunny man:

All of these are watched in the first half of the 90s as I said, and judging by the aesthetics of it (as far as I can recall it anyway), they’re likely from the 80s or early 90s.

The first one might actually be Snapdragon after all, I will check it out when I get the chance. Sorry for ditching it the first time :slight_smile:

Could number 2 be “Food of the Gods”? That has a giant rabbit in it.

Another Bunny related slasher:

Could the second one be Night of the Lepus (1972)?

Or maybe “Halloween Candy” episode of “Tales from the Darkside”?