Looking for the movie name for the last 3 years😭

Female lead and her mom(used to be actress back in days) got into car accident cause of coffee cup near the break and her mom died. She and her frnds go to a movie in which her mom acted. Suddenly fire alarm ringing. They got no way to escape. So they tear the screen to go to backstage to escape, but they went into a movie. Every 90 min same van with same people with same situation passes through them, so they realised they r in the movie(her mom was one of the charectors) which is exactly 90min and they have to see the end of the movie to get back to the real world. So next time when the van appears they ask for lift and all of them go camp, later one by one gets killed by monsters(?)

Help me finding the movie name, the story keeps playing in my head and i cant remember movie name or the actord or thier names or the year movie released​:sob::pleading_face:

The Final Girl 2015…Love this movie

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