Looking for the title of a film I saw a while ago

I used to go on Netflix with my friend and try to find shitty indie movies to watch and laugh at. We actually stumbled across a pretty good one a while back, but I’ve since forgotten what it was called. It was on Netflix sometime between late 2018-mid 2019. It is an indie psychologial horror movie, it looks like it could have been made anytime from 2008-2018 or '19. I don’t remember any of the actors, but I do remember the plot fairly well. It starts out as kind of a bleak-feeling road trip movie. A girl and her boyfriend are road-tripping out in the west, but weird things keep happening, she starts having headaches or something. They stay in a motel. There’s something where they run across a church, there’s a television there and a pastor who talks in a hokey southern accent goes on and on about sin. Then, the tone of the movie completely shifts. She’s living in a really nice suburban house with a family. Eventually, it’s revealed that the entire previous film was the final thoughts of the girl. She’s in a coma, she attempted to kill herself because she killed her disabled brother.

Hope I can get some help!

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