Looking for this movie from around 2015

Hey, i’m looking for this movie from around 2015. I has 2 american guys going to mexico for a weekend or at least a few days. They use some weird drug at a bar and meet two beautiful girls.(maybe not in that order. Somehow they end up tied to beds in a motel and mixed up with some gang, also the girls appear to be vampires or such and the movie ends with some gore. Also there is this older cowboy man who is scary calm the whole time he’s a boss or something. I do remember one of the main characters it was his birthday and he was his underwear for almost the whole second half of the movie. It is all set in a desert area in Mexico(maybe a bordertown) with a motel and maybe just one street with a Food Vendor(where they meet the girls) and a Bar. Also at the bar they take some drugs or drink something weird(something about a snake) No it’s not Search Party 2014 or Sundown 2016…please help me out it drives me nuts.


Can you remember any character names or anything else about it? Was there tons of comedy?

I dug further…let’s try “devil’s den”

I would me remisce if I didn’t try “Borderland” (2007). I am struggling to even find good possibilities. Maybe I need to focus on “border towns” instead of Mexico.

You gave me the final piece…birthday! Voila!
“happy birthday”

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