Looking for two films that casted Scott Grimes or someone similar

I’m looking for two films that may have casted Scott Grimes, either in a primary role or a secondary role.

Film 1:
I remember him or someone like him going around shooting at other people (“bad guys”); he most likely used a dart gun that rendered them unconscious. The recurring line in scenes of the film was “gotcha”. The film ends with him shooting a dart at a young woman or girl who walked away from him and saying “gotcha.”

Film 2:
I didn’t view the film; I viewed the trailer on cable. Scott Grime (or someone very similar looking) acting in a role that suggests he may or may not be the “bad character” in the film. At some point in the trailer, he grabbed a cat away from a girl and threw it into the fireplace.

I viewed these films / trailers / scenes in 80s, 90s, but not after 1994.

The first one sounds very much like Gotcha! (1985)
from my recollection. Especially the shooting the girl in the butt at the end (or in the movie trailer).
It involved Anthony Edwards (Goose from Top Gun) as a college student who was a top-notch
“Assassin” player but got into real intrigue during a trip to Europe.

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