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Theres this movie where a guy just comes out of a forest and becomes a gardener for this nice big house. The movie title is like “The Jig Man” or something, obvi that is not it because I looked with a few variations off from that. The guy pretending to garden calls in like 2 friends eventually and they basically over take the house and don’t even do their jobs properly. Ruining the house, it’s very eerie and slow because its a psychological thriller. Theres a scene where one of the friends of this guy brings a girl from the home into the shack in the back they started living in and she comes out one of them after basically. Eventually the whole family is taken over (maybe besides 1? as an observer) and they do a play at the end right where the gardening project should have been. The play is super weird and esoteric and then the movie just ends.

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