Low budget french film, early 2000s, look-alike Léa Seydoux, runner on the cover, coming of age theme

I’ve been trying to find an indie french film I believe it to be from 2005 - 2015…

I only remember a few things:

  • Maybe it’s called “Amateurs” but i just can’t find it, so I may be wrong. “Runners”? I don’t know…

  • While I initially believed the main actress was Léa Seydoux, I couldn’t find any matching films in her IMDb profile. It strongly resembled her, and I would have sworn it was her. I also checked Adèle Exarchopoulos in case of confusion, but without success.

  • One of the movie covers, if not the main one, featured a young blonde woman with short hair running, with appropriate athletic clothes.

  • The film had a coming-of-age theme, with the protagonist being a young, innocent, and optimistic woman, relatively inexperienced in life.

  • I recall a specific scene near the end of the movie (spoiler): The protagonist is in a car with a man she considers a friend. He suggests smoking weed, and she agrees. However, he then attempts to take advantage of the situation, assuming that the invitation justified it. Uncomfortable, she refuses and escapes from the car, leaving him behind as he apologizes.

That’s it, I hope some of you can help me!

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Is it Fish Tank?

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