Main girl named Asia, has something to do with spiders

Hello, I watched this movie half asleep years ago.
I just remember the main girl was named Asia she had dark hair she had something to do with spiders maybe she had some kind of powers but i’m not sure, This guy moved in with her family but he was a killer i think, he killed an old lady and stashed her in a freezer and then i remember a scene with him in a telephone booth while it was thundering, i remember a school scene too where the main girl was getting bullied or something like that and she used a pencil to defend herself i think.

Stoker (2013)
Girl stabs kid with pencil.
Killer hides body in freezer.

Literally saved my lifeeee thank you so muchhh! Also the girls name was India not Asia oh my god …. similar i guess. Again thank you so muchhhh!!!

You’re very welcome!