Male teacher and student affair

I found this description on the other forum.

"I’m pretty sure this is a made for TV movie that was made in 1990’s to the 2020’s. It was possibly a Lifetime/Harlequin romance drama movie and would have been set in that same time Era when it was made.(I have checked the IMDB list but it wasn’t in there).

The movie is about a male teacher that has an affair with a female student. It’s set in a high school.

From what I remember:

I think the male teacher(he is very young looking), may have had trouble with a previous student at a different school and was looking for a new start at a new school.

I think the movie starts with him meeting with the school Principal (female) and she was happy to have him starting at the school.I think the first scene starts with him getting out of the car.

The next thing I remember is him meeting the girl (student)at a park or beach sitting on a bench.
I think they talk (and some of this is hazy for me).

I don’t know if they arrange it but I think they meet again later at a coffee shop. I think she tells him she’s a student and, I’m not sure if he assumes she’s a college student or if she leads him on to believe that.

They have an affair and I think they sleep together but I don’t think there were actual (gratuitous) sex scenes, I think it was the after with just them in bed.

I don’t really know how long it was before they met and when school started.

On the first day of school and class is about to start, she is the last student to show up and he is shocked when he sees her and realizes she’s his student.

I remember there were 3 girls ( I don’t think were her friends) sitting near the front of the classroom, they notice there’s something up between her and the teacher and exchange glances.

There were rumors going around and I remember him meeting with the Principal, but not telling her what was going on.

I think the last scene I remember is him packing his car to leave. I don’t think was charged with anything.

I don’t recall any scene with her at home with her parents or with any close friend confidant.

I know he tried to break it off with her but she continued to pursue him and I remember them kissing in the classroom (I think another student saw it).

I’m not sure but I think she tries to blackmail him into keeping the relationship going.

I know I’ve seen the male actor in other movies before and its usually in a supporting role. I just can’t figure out where. In this movie he was the lead male.

The actor reminds me a lot of Ian Harding from Pretty Little Liars but his hair was a little thicker and had a bit more curl and body to it. He was average build.

The female actress was a small blonde and I’m pretty sure she had short hair that framed her face. It was probably the style of the time the movie was made.

I know this sounds like Pretty Little Liars but I know it’s a movie. It’s also not All Summers End, For My Daughter’s Honor, Blame, Seduction, Miller’s Girl, Detachment, or Wild Things. "

It isn’t “Molly Maxwell” (2013) as well.