Man about 40-50 yo lost his family in the car accident and is seduced by young gorgeous black haired girl who lost her mother

What is that movie title? Man about 40-50 yo lost his family in the car accident, he killed them driving the car. He has the scar on his head entire film. He is sad and moves to the house in the forest. First day he sees from the beach naked girl who washes herself in the lake with others. She is gorgeous. She sees him to. He walked away being decent and sad. Then he meets her father and he invites him for a dinner. Entire film gorgeous young black haired girl tries to seduce him many times. First she comes to his house and sleeps outside his house and waits for him. She tries again. At the end they have a romance and sex relationship. She is very very pretty, gorgeous, long black hair, young, about 16-18 yo, he is older, 40-50 yo, not pretty. She lost her mother, that was killed during robbery in their house. Then the girl was nearly raped but she wasn’t. She saw her mother death, he is in grief after his family. At the end of the movie they swim naked in the lake together and then her father sees that and becomes crazy and very very violent. The older man runs away. In his house in the forest he fights the crazy monkey (macaque), we see a lot of blood. Movie is from about 2006-2009 (not very old like 2001, and not new). This actress who plays girl is NOT famous, she maybe played only in this film, I saw her Instagram then, she is happily married with kid for several years and doesn’t play in films. I don’t know ANY names of actors! Other actors are also not famous, so I can not search them. Movie title was maybe not in english, I feel it was spanish film but I may be wrong. I watched it on CDA in about 2019 and dream to watch it again, but can not find the title! I spent 9 hours (!) in the row searching it by Google for every possible way. Nothing! Please help :slight_smile: