Man chased by a gang through a US city

From the 90s or may have been early 2000s. Set in a US city (I don’t know which one), the entire film takes place during the course of one night. The main character is a young black man who has somehow angered some members of a street gang, who pursue him relentlessly. The man turns to local residents for help, asking them to hide him, but many are too scared to get involved. Word gets out about his plight, and a local pirate radio station urges the community to help him however they can.
That’s all I can remember. Please help!

Not one man, but another street gang, maybe the
“The Warriors” (1979)?

There is a radio DJ in this movie.

No not that one I’m afraid. It was definitely a young guy on his own, running for his life. I think maybe he’d been involved with the gang and wanted out, or had got in their way somehow. The pirate radio was a key part too, kind of rallying the community together to shield the guy from being found by the gang members.

“Meteor Man” had a similar premise near the end…

Escape from New York? Starring Kurt Russel.? But it sounds a lot like The Warriors to me too.