Man develops reverse-aging serum, and investigates mysterious Nazi research vessel in the Arctic

Hello! Trying to find an odd movie I watched quite a while ago, most likely released from late-90s to mid 2000s. The cinematography, stunts, and effects were pretty good. Acting was passable for this type of feature.

The story was about a man who had developed a serum to quickly make his body 20+ years younger, and had three combat-skilled daughters (?) working with him to search for ways to make the serum permanent. A submersible (?) ship appeared in the Arctic rising out of the ice, which turned out to be some kind of weird Nazi (?) research facility. The man sends one of his daughters to check out the vessel, and she disappears. The remaining two daughters take it upon themselves to follow up where the first daughter failed. In the end, the vessel’s origin or whereabouts remained unknown.

Sorry for the sketchy details. I do not recall any of the actors being notable stars. I searched through several AI-based movie search websites and dozens of story/character-related movies but could not re-discover this particular one. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!


nazis at the center of the earth?

i am assuming nazis is true


sky sharks?

i am only throwing this out there because nothing else popped up

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