Man lands his ship on a planet

Movie from 90s probably. Visually pretty good. Not animation. I remember little. Some of this may be wrong…
A man lands his ship on a planet. There are people on it. Scenes that I remember had a lot of sand and maybe some buildings. The man is looking for something, meets some people. Eventually he teams up with a woman and another man (possibly an old man). In one scene, one is trying to fix a device on the ship; another comes and kicks it, and it starts working.
Any help is appreciated.

Lets start with this:

“Soldier”, 1998?

Maybe the old man was on the ship from the start? Also, the movie may have had some western vibe, in the few scenes I remember. I searched a fair bit on IMDB, surprised it’s this hard to find. Would have guessed it had a respectable budget.

What would you say, did the movie more played in space and inside the ship, or more on the surface of the planet?

Another try: “Ice Pirates” 1984

As we’re doing 80’s cheese:

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