Man with a burnt/melted face/scar over his lip on 1 side

Hello folks.

been trying to find a movie i watched years ago. its about a man whos face is prety badly burnt or scarred. The scar/melted skin is on 1 side of his face and it goes over the side of his mouth to his chin.

a scene in it i remember he dig up a corpse to talk to. I think he might use a coin to temporally ressurect him from hell. The guy stars to feel pain, and the main guy sprinkes dirt over him to stop the pain.

i think the main guy wore like a long black leather coat. almost like something you would see in a western but more sci-fi-ish. he also wears like a black cowboy hat.

i’ll post more if i can remember any scenes. Ive been searching for it for a couple of hours now and if anyone remembers the name of the movie i would very much it. thanks


Jonah Hex