Martial art samson (bible) action movie

Hi. Movie with a very similar story to Samson from the bible. It was a martial arts film with a guy that got his hair cut and lost the skills. I believe it was the girl that has done it and it happend in the house on the beach. Not very helpful although might get lucky. It was 80s,90s movie. Thanks

“Assault of Final Rival” (1978), original title: “Ben chu jiang hu lu”?

Quote from an IMDb review:
“Paralleling the Samson-and-Delilah story, the villain uses threats of murder to force the girl to cut Chen’s long hair, including one long lethal braid that constitutes his most powerful weapon. Chen runs away, weakened, to hide out at a temple to renew his strength and regrow his hair.

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Thank you so much. This website is truly amazing.