Mid-Late 90's/Early 00's family film help

I have searched high and low for this movie, with zero luck. Please help if you know the name of this movie.

I believe it is from the mid-late 90’s or early 00’s. I believe it was a made for TV movie, either on ABC or Disney. I’ve checked both of their lists of films for that time period, and nothing.

In this movie, a dad buys a motel on/near a popular beach, and moves his 2 kids there to fix it up and get it running. The daughter is ~16, and the son is ~13. I specifically remember a scene of the son jumping up and down on his bed in one of the motel rooms while wearing a cd walkie talkie. I believe the son also liked roller blading. And the daughter started crushing on a teenager her age who visited the area on vacation.

Please, if you can help, my exhausted brain will be forever grateful.

This did seem to be an american movie? I know family film, but a comedy? Given the cd walkman, I am guesskng 1990 to 2010?

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Yes, definitely American. The kids both had dark brown hair, iirc

Digging very hard using motel hotel and resort. Seaview could be possible, but it is british.