Missing Action Movie

I’m looking for a movie.

There are at least three parts in this movie series (I don’t know if there are more than that).

In the first part of the movie an older policeman and his partner, a younger, fatter policeman, are chasing a criminal. The criminal has one blind eye. The policemen run after the criminal, but the “fatter” police falls behind while the older one stays on the criminal. At some point during the chase the criminal drops off or throws away his stolen possessions, but the older police doesn’t notice this and fails to capture the criminal. The stolen stuff is lost and the police department suspects the older policeman of taking and hiding it.

At the end of the movie the older policeman finds out that his partner (the fatter police) found the stolen stuff and took it for himself, even though he didn’t have anything to do with the movie’s criminals. The “fatter” detective doesn’t reveal the truth to the police department, and in the end the older detective ends up in jail, because apparently the evidence points towards him having stolen the loot.

In the second part of the movie series the older detective is in prison and tries to solve a case from there.

In the third part the detective gets out of jail and (I think) becomes a police again. His former partner (the one who stole the loot) tries to make peace with him without succeeding in this.

These are my descriptions of the three movies I’ve been trying to find for nearly 20 years with no success.

I really hope that you can help me and solve this mystery.

P.S The film was made in the United States. If I remember correct.

u are sure this isn’t a tv show? could it have been a made for tv movie series? when exactly do you remember seeing it?

Good question. It could be possible that it was a TV series that was made into a movie.
The television came on late at night.
The year was 2002 but I not quite sure.

could it be one of the “blackjack” movies?

“Jack Reed” was a series of cop tv films, like “Jesse Stone”, “Perry Mason”, “Columbo”, and a couple others…