Modern technology motorcycle connected to a man who got it via mail by a mistake

a man gets a modern technology motorcycle by mistake. It becomes essential to his survival as it helps him fight off enemies who want to obtain that motorcycle for its value and technological capabilities. The movie is of the sci-fi genre and is spoken in English

Edit, added after a comment, copied from my reply: the motorcycle i am looking for was like really high tech and when a man was riding it, it makes like an armor on him so it protects him, it was like connected to him and when he tried to get rid of it he could not.

Edit 2 from reply: In this movie no one knows who sent the motorcycle to the main character. But he gets chased by people who want that motorcycle. Also this guy could be student I think and I think he worked all types of different jobs.

Street Hawk (1985)?


Cyclone (1987)?


That description still fits for Mantera. Did you get a chance to watch the trailer?