Movie 1930-1940’s, man uses coercive behaviors to take over elderly woman’s wealth

I want to know the title of this movie and their actors. Era possibly 1930’s. Opening scene is man outside wealthy, elderly woman and he paints on the sidewalk. He is poor and she feels sorry for him. She welcomes him into her home and this begins his charade of having his wife who acts like she’s sick and the elderly woman also accepts her in. The man eventually takes over the lady’s household and keeps her captive within her own home. The lady is rescued by her niece at the end of the movie.

Is it Night Must Fall (1937)?

I think the movie you are looking for is Kind Lady. I have only seen the 1951 version of the film that stars Ethel Barrymore, Maurice Evans, Angela Lansbury, and Keenan Wynn, but there was an earlier version of the film made in 1935 that starred Basil Rathbone. I have never seen it, but I suppose that could also be the film you are looking for.

The plot of Kind Lady is as you describe. Ethel Barrymore is a kind, wealthy woman who invites a young artist and his “sick” wife into her home. But they are con artists, who take over the wealthy woman’s home, holding the woman and her maid hostage. The artist poses as the nephew of his captive, and systematically sells off the rich woman’s valuables. They bring in another couple to assist them in their crime – they pose as the maid and butler – to ensure that the women don’t escape. Angela Landsbury gives a terrific performance as the ruthless conspirator.

The movie plays a lot on TCM. It was a favorite of the late host Robert Osbourne.