[Movie][2000-2010] Wife investigating husband's suicide and finds out about deadly virus

[Movie][2000-2010] Wife investigating husband’s suicide and finds out about deadly virus

Hey, the movie I’m looking for was about couple. Husband commits suicide and wife is very shocked and start investigating his reasoning. She revealed that he lied about his parents and about many stuffs. Then her mother visits her but she dies in a fire. Wife is more and more sick and connects his suicide with his work in a lab at pharmacy company. Then she discovers through one of a husband’s colleague that they were making very dangerous virus and her husband didn’t agree with this so he wanted to reveal what they’re making to the public. The virus is deadly after 2 weeks. During the weeks an infected person is only sick. He brought the virus with him to their home. He kept it in a bathroom and in a little glass bottle. His wife didn’t know that and broke the bottle with the virus so she got infected. In the end she finds out he killed himself because he didn’t want to watch her die because of him. In last scene she is driving on the road in the desert. She’s too sick to drive so she comes out of the car, sees illusion of her husband and dies.

I’ve posted this 2 years ago and I’m trying it again. Only one person suggested movie called Side Effects but that was not it.

Edit: Searching through internet I’ve realized that the main character was similar looking to Halle Berry but I’ve checked her biography and it wasn’t her but definitely similar if it helps, just putting new clue

Edit 2: new bit of story I’ve remembered - the virus just stays within her, she gets infected because she accidentally broke a small glass bottle while cleaning a bathroom I think. Husband sees that happen and commits suicide without telling her about it, she finds out quite in the end of the movie when she’s already on the brink of death.

The wife is dark skinned and similar looking to Halle Berry with short hair. I think It was TV movie and I can’t find it in any movie database, I copied my post from reddit so hope I will have more luck here or at least more leads.