Movie about a boy in a hotel room who survives without food

Hey, guys please help me recall this movie that I watched as a kid maybe 12 or 13 years ago.

The movie is about a young boy maybe 10-13 years of age, who was left by his dad in a hotel/hostel room whilst his father had to go work/make money in order to provide for him and his mom that was in a hospital I believe. His father sold watches as I can recall.

The boy gets left without food and has to draw it or crop some images from magazines and put it on his plate to mimic the food that he is lacking.

I also recall that the boy had a hard time with the bell boy that was always chasing him because his family was not paying any rent, and the hotels/hostels policy was that they had to leave all their belongings in it after they leave.

The boy also collected stamps from the cigars, and in the end, he managed to smuggle all of his family’s belongings out of the hotel with the help of his (little cousin I believe) through the window.

I also recall this one particular scene where the boy wore a lot of clothes in an attempt to smuggle it, and the bell boy asked him why he was wearing all that because it was pretty hot outside.

In the end, he gets reunited with his father, his mom, and his newborn sister I believe.

Please, guys, any help would be highly appreciated, I’ve been searching for this movie for like 5 years now.

I can’t believe it but i’ve found it myself…