Movie about a boy with soul like an amorphous black cloud

Hello! Good day!

I’m looking for a movie in which there’s this orphan boy who’s mother probably (not sure) died while giving birth to him.

He’s sought after by a man who knows about the paranormal powers of his soul which is in the form of an amorphous black cloud.

The boy’s whole existence turns into an amorphous black entity in case he gets deeply hurt or afraid of anything.

I can’t seem to find the movie. The most vivid scene I remember from the movie is they boy transforming into an amorphous black cloud.

Amorphous black cloud, that’s my keyword! I’m attaching a JPEG for the clue.

Please help me find this movie.


It’s “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”

is it animated? in english? when and where did you see it? could the black cloud be a black blob?

Could definitely be called a blob.