Movie about a child who travels back in time with a sunflower field

I saw a movie in 1995 or 1996 in school that I’m trying to find. There was a kid who travels back in time to become his/her (I think it was a girl, but I’m really not sure) grandparent and learn about their life. I think the time travel may have started with reading a diary or something because I remember a leather bound journal. I remember the child going to school and learning about how different things were back then. The part that I remember best is this huge field of sunflowers. I’m sorry that it is not a lot to go on, but does anyone have any ideas what it might have been?

Would it be The Messengers. It has a sunflower farm and time travel in it. Would it be The Messengers I think its about a sunflower farm though and it has time travel in it. Five years later, the Solomon family from Chicago moves into the house). Roy Solomon hopes to start a sunflower farm. Everyone has issues: their teenage daughter, Jess, is unhappy about moving, their son Ben has been traumatized ever since a car accident when Jess drove while drunk with him as a toddler, and crashed the car. Seriously injured, Ben endures extensive treatment, recovering only to b. Their parents, Roy and Denise, don’t trust their irresponsible daughter, and are broke from all the medical expenses. Roy believes moving to the farm will help heal the family.

It’s a bit different from your description, but…?

“The Blue Yonder” 1985