Movie about a film production crew creating a futuristic movie

It was the story of a film production. The movie they were shooting was set in the future, and when they reached the end of the production, the film was screened, but there was only the initial scene of the actual movie, the rest of the film was a backstage of the crew secretly recorded

From what I can recall the main story is about a big fiom production. The film they are making is set in a distant distopic future, the only thing that I remember is that at the end of the movie when ther are screening the film for the first time it starts like expected but short after the movie intro and the first scene the rest of the film are secret recording of the behind the scene. One scene that i recall in particular is this woman talking about the size of a member of the crew and tell that his penis was very small, shorty after the man itself wanted to show his penis to prove that the woman is lying.

I’m pretty sure that the real movie it’s been produced between the end of the 90s and the 2010.

I’m pretty sure that is not 2004 “The last shot” with Alec Baldwin.

CQ (2001)?