Movie about a gaming team that wins a gaming tournament

It was a gaming team that plays some kind of action game and they meet eachother as the movie goes on , then make a team and participate in a tournament for that game . Which they end up winning with a last minute save .
Does someone know the name of this one?

“Best Player” (2011)?

No its not this one unfortunately.

“Noobz” (2012)?

Or another guess, maybe
“Good Game: The Beginning” (2018), original title: “Iyi Oyun”?

Wasn’t this one either . As far as I remember it didn’t had the word “game” in its title.

What about “Noobz” (see above)?

Nope :frowning: unfortunatly.

was it in english? what kind of video game?

Sounds like ‘The Wizard’ from 1989.

Nope . The movie im saying is newer

check this list, especially “ehero”

Just going to throw an obvious guess out there, Ready Player One (2018)

I dont believe I saw it there but there were some nice recommendations I could watch

Nope but I have just watched it and it was nice

It was in english , it was a kind of action game . And I think it was a team death match kind . Which the main character’s girl teammate helps them win in the last game (the tiebreaker) with just a slight shot .