Movie about a kid inventor?

I saw a movie in the early 70s, the film itself may be early 70s or late 60s. The movie starts with a kid waking up by an alarm clock (that he invented?) which pulls a string attached to his toe to wake him up. He excitedly goes down to the kitchen and has a piece of cake for breakfast (it may or may not be his birthday). Then he happily runs off to do whatever he’s going to do…

That’s all I remember from the whole movie.

PLEASE HELP! Does anyone know?

" The Whiz Kid and the Mystery at Riverton" (1974)?

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OMG! He didn’t eat the cake, he ate an apple because of Mom.


I’ve literally been trying to figure this out for a DECADE! I post here and it’s solved in 5 minutes.


Guess what I’ll be watching today…