Movie about an manipulated "average guy" that turns into strong influencer

I am trying to remember the name of a movie with this plot:

It starts with a TV show where the players have to answer common preference questions and earn points based on the more popular answers of a previously survey, i.e., if you answer the same as the majority you won more points, if you answer is diferent from the majority you earn less or no points at all.
So, the winner of this tv show gets a small reward and is then seen by the producers as the “average guy”.
So without his knowledge, the producers setup his house with hidden cameras, microphones, hire a fake girlfriend (pretty, blonde) and starts to advertise only to him new products and evaluate his reaction before releasing such new products to the open public.
Eventually this hired fake girlfriend regrets her actions and turns against the producers, in favor of the “average guy”. (Then she is reveled as brunnete)
The guy even gets to dinner with the president, to evaluate voters acceptance…
At some point the guy starts to suspect and discoveries the whole manipulation. I don’t remember how, but he managed to get the recorded data and then make a reality tv show of it for the open public and became a strong society influencer as each episode of his life is released, for example, when he says he no longer wants to watch TV, the population starts to throw their TVs on the trash.
I have seen this movie about 15 years ago, in the movie it’s the pre-flat screen era, internet was not so popular yet.
I don’t remember the country or spoken language.

mr average

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Sounds like The Truman Show (1998). May be?