Movie about homeless kids

I am looking for a movie about a group of homeless kids. As i watched it in German in the 90s I dont even know the language nor origin of the film. I remember a few scenes: there is a girl in the group and she starts working at a restaurant. The nasty cook tries to rape her and after she confides in the group, the boys return to the restaurant and beat the crap out of the cook. In another scene, some of the kids are in a room with some crooks and in a struggle, the one boys hits his head hard against a wall, leaving a trail of blood. In one of the last scenes the kids hop on a bus. The boy with the head injury does not wake up anymore when they all want to leave at their destination - probably died from the head trauma. Not a happy movie at all and i am not sure i even liked it, but i saw it at a young age and never stopped looking. Would be amazing if someone could steer me to this film. Thanks!

Could it be Midnight Cowboy: Midnight Cowboy - Wikipedia

Hi and thanks - but i distincly remember my movie being a bunch of kids. Also think it wasnt an american film - maybe from South America or Europe. Thanks