Movie about mother and daughter whose new neighbour is a mystery man, artist who turns out to be a criminal

Hi folks.

I’ve been trying to find this movie forever with no success. I watched it on TV once. I can visualise the movie and plot in such detail that I could probably direct it and no one would file for infringement!

Anyways the plot is of a Caucasian mother and her teenage daughter who relocate to a beachside apartment. They have a neighbour, an attractive mysterious man who woos the mother. The daughter is also enamoured but over time begins to suspect the man of foul play. We find out that he’s spying on them.

The man shows them a large painting in his room and claims he made it. They ask why he hasn’t sold it for millions because he’s very talented.

The plot develops whereby the daughter sneaks into his room one day and finds incriminating evidence on his laptop, which he had previously tried to shield from them. The daughter also discovers that the painting she was shown is stolen.

The man is revealed to be a criminal and his accomplice is revealed. In the final scenes he tries to kill the women with a gun but somehow he ends up dying (can’t remember how, but he was thwarted)